The Arc of Grays Harbor is a nonprofit charity who advocate a better quality of life for people with disabilities. We offer many useful services. With the support of Grays Harbor County Public Health Department we can:

  • Help you navigate your child's educational system by consulting with you about IEP or 504 meetings
  • Help you navigate obtaining services such as helping you apply for Social Security Disability or SSI
  • Help you with applying for Developmental Disability Administration services
  • Help you stay informed about what's happening with your government, and how it impacts your services
  • Help you connect with friends and learn useful life skills with the We Can club
  • Work with the Transition council to offer Navigating the Systems (school, State, Federal), I.E.P. & 504 Plans, Financial Resources, Guardianship & Alternative to Guardianship and an annual Life After High School Resource Fair for students in transition to adulthood
  • Help you connect with diagnostic services for Autism or related disorders
  • Help connect you with enriching community activities such as Special Olympics

With the support of the Arc of Washington, we can:

  • Help you connect with other parents by offering Parent to Parent support meetings in both Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties

For clients of the Developmental Disabilities Administration we:

To students with IEP or 504 plans, The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation helps us:

  • Provide a spring Job Readiness program
  • Offer supported summer employment at a variety of locations in the area

For help with these and other questions, contact us at 360.537.7000

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