After age 21, young adults with autism across the country are plunged into an uncertain world as they age out of federally mandated public school supports. The integrated community of teachers, therapists, behavior supports, and peers that has been the foundation for learning, acceptance, and growth suddenly dissolves overnight. As it stands today, though some of our friends with autism may fare better than others, each faces unique challenges as a result of the often inadequate response by our society to fully integrate adults on the spectrum into the fabric of our shared life. The #imagine21 series invites viewers to catch an intimate glimpse into just a few of these lives. It aims to help us resist the tendency we have to make assumptions about a large group of diverse people. Is asks us to walk in their shoes. It dares us to imagine what the world could be for our friends with #AutismAfter21

Series Introduction

Part 2 - Jeffery

Jeffrey’s post-secondary education program empowered him with the skills he needed to thrive in a neurodiverse intentional community in North Carolina.

Part 3 - Kacey

Kacey loves chickens. It is her dream to live on a therapeutic farm in Maryland, but the lack of housing options for adults with autism has limited her ability to choose a future that’s right for her.

Part 4 - Brian

Brian was bullied growing up due to his differences and turned to substances to cope. He found sobriety, spiritual fulfillment, purpose and community as he developed a life-saving yoga practice.

Part 5 - David

David “The Cartoonist” loves to animate. He recently moved to an intentional community in North Carolina with his family, and while David has made great friends at his new home, he and his family are still struggling to adapt to this major life change.

Part 6 - Andrew

Andrew is only somewhat verbal who can do most basic self-care tasks such as bathing and clothing himself. Andrew craves to have the same independence his brother and older sister enjoy; however, lack of programming makes transitioning to independent living out of reach.