What's the biggest problem that most people with disabilities and their families report? Housing? Medical Care? Nutrition?

No, the biggest self reported problem is social isolation.

The Arc of Grays Harbor now provides Community Guide and Community Engagement services for clients receiving DDA services. These services allow people with disabilities the ability to access their community with the supports they need. Participants engage in a variety of community-based opportunities to grow their social network and knowledge.

King TV is developing TV stories about Special education in Washington state. Susanna asks:

KING 5 is getting ready to launch a new series of reports on the state of special education in the state of Washington. The stories are scheduled to begin airing in late April or May.
We are looking forward to bringing these important stories to our viewers and online readers, but we need your help!

Special education in Washington is in crisis, and by any measure, Grays Harbor is particularly hard hit. School districts are required to provide appropriate education to their students with learning disabilities, and are given additional funding to do so. A school district is provided additional funding for their special education students, up to a cap of 13.5% of their student body, but roughly one-third (109 of the 322) of school districts in Washington State are over this cap, meaning that providing the services necessary to guarantee an appropriate education to these students may not be available. 

There are 13 school districts in Grays Harbor and 12 of them are over this 13.5% cap - some are approaching 20% of their student body having an Individual Education Plan, but only get funding for 13.5% of them.

 This has been a really great month for The Arc. One of the things that has made it so has been our partnership with Hoquiam High School and their Transition program.

Earlier this school year, we were approached by HHS administration on ways we could help enrich their transition program. The solution we arrived at was to host students and HHS staff here at our office every Wednesday, to enable them to use our life skills facility to practice cooking and other independence skills, as well as get to know new people in a professional setting.

It's been great! This is exactly what we built this facility to do! 

In completely selfish terms, the students and staff are great people who are great for office morale... and one of them is a really exemplary cook and graciously shares the dishes he prepares

The Arc is partnering with Tess Lawson and Pearson Clinical to help develop better evaluation testing tools for academic and developmental screening. To create the best possible test materials, they need to give the tests to specific populations - to test the test, as it were. The results can then be evaluated for their effectiveness and accuracy.

Tests take a few minutes and you can earn $15 while helping science! Contact Tess for details

 The Arc of Grays Harbor is working with Cultivating Roots to promote good eating in Grays Harbor. Gardeners, donate your extra produce to the food bank!

Here is a link to Cultivating Roots' flyer.