The Arc is partnering with Tess Lawson and Pearson Clinical to help develop better evaluation testing tools for academic and developmental screening. To create the best possible test materials, they need to give the tests to specific populations - to test the test, as it were. The results can then be evaluated for their effectiveness and accuracy.

Tests take a few minutes and you can earn $15 while helping science! Contact Tess for details

 This has been a really great month for The Arc. One of the things that has made it so has been our partnership with Hoquiam High School and their Transition program.

Earlier this school year, we were approached by HHS administration on ways we could help enrich their transition program. The solution we arrived at was to host students and HHS staff here at our office every Wednesday, to enable them to use our life skills facility to practice cooking and other independence skills, as well as get to know new people in a professional setting.

It's been great! This is exactly what we built this facility to do! 

In completely selfish terms, the students and staff are great people who are great for office morale... and one of them is a really exemplary cook and graciously shares the dishes he prepares


In keeping with our philosophy of intentional inclusion, we are partnering with a variety of community based organizations. We’re very excited to work with GH County Public Health and their community garden program.  The local program is modeled upon one successfully implemented in Olympia called GRuB.

Looking to start up a garden? The Grubb institute may be just what you are looking for.  The organization is located in Olympia Washington.  They are currently working with the community and youth of Mason County/ Grays Harbor to promote a better way of life through gardening.  

Grub's Mission statement

  • We inspire positive personal and community change by bringing people together around food and agriculture.
  • We partner with youth and people with low-incomes to create empowering individual & community food solutions.
  • We offer tools & trainings to help build a just & sustainable food system.

GRuB offers assistance to individuals, families, and non-profit organization who would like to start a garden. GRuB provides help with soil preparation, tools, and seeds to start a garden.  They provide a sliding fee scale for those who are interested and have a low income.  Their goal is to help the community learn the importance of nutritional value fresh produce provides and a chance to gain a new hobby. It gives challenged youth an outlet to stay involved in the community in a positive manner. GRuB has employment opportunities for those who may be interested. For more information contact:


2016 Elliott Ave NW

Olympia, WA 98502 

(360) 753-5522

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The Arc of Grays Harbor is working with Cultivating Roots to promote good eating in Grays Harbor. Gardeners, donate your extra produce to the food bank!

Here is a link to Cultivating Roots' flyer.


 One of the main fundraising activities of The Arc of Grays Harbor is collecting donations of used merchandise from the community. Some of these items are donated to the individuals we serve but most of it is resold to support our programs. We're humbled at how generous the community is, particularly this time of year as we pick up left over items from garage sales.

The Arc of Grays Harbor is a local organization which provides services and support for individuals with disabilities in Grays Harbor. We have an affiliate relationship with The Arc of Washington who provide advocacy in Olympia to support and educate elected officials on the important issues facing people with disabilities. The purpose of this post is to explain that The Arc of Washington and The Arc of Grays Harbor are separate organizations. If you call The Arc of GH at 360.537.7000 and request a pickup of your garage sale leftovers, the proceeds of that donation stay here in the Harbor. If you call the Arc of Washington at 1-800-826-4310, or if you drop off your donation at a Value Village store, the proceeds of that donation will be used for advocacy in Olympia. Both are worthy causes to support, but we're hearing some confusion about the issue and hope this clears things up.

Speaking of Garage Sales, please come to our big, huge, fun garage sale at 523 West First Street, Aberdeen on May 9th and 10th from 9:00 to 3:00. We'll have Cotton Candy!