November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. You can learn more HERE and in the videos below. 

Epilepsy is seen in children who have no other problems; however, epilepsy is common in children who have developmental disabilities. Approximately 30% of children with epilepsy have other developmental disabilities. In one study, children with Intellectual/Developmental Disability (IDD) and cerebral palsy had a 35% chance of developing epilepsy, children with IDD alone had an 8% chance, and children with a brain injury occurring after birth had s 75% chance. In general, the risk of a child with a developmental disability experiencing an unprovoked seizure by age 5 is about 4 times greater than in the general population.

Seizures in Children and Youth with Development Disabilities

By: University of California Television (UCTV)
Joseph Sullivan, MD. Director, UCSF Pediatric Epilepsy Center. Series: "Developmental Disabilities 2017 Update"


Seizures and Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

By Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Presented by Karen J. Brown, LSW of Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and Columbus. Objectives: Define epilepsy, seizure types and those most at risk, Explain treatment options and first aid for seizures, Describe the issues that complicate diagnosis and treatment in persons with DD, Describe disorders that mimic seizures, Define seizure observations and reporting elements helpful to physicians, and Learn when to refer clients to neurological specialists.



Christie and Eric: Epilepsy, Autism, Mood Disorder, Developmental Disability.

By Orange Socks

Elie was 3 months old when Christie and Eric noticed she was making some odd movements. They mentioned their concerns to their pediatrician who told them that at 6 months, if she was still wasn't achieving age appropriate development, he would send them to a neurologist. When Elie was 5 months old, Eric and Christie decided they couldn’t wait any longer to see a neurologist. As soon as the neurologist saw Elie, he knew she had a serious condition and soon after diagnosed Elie with infantile spasms, which is considered a medically catastrophic seizure disorder.