"October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a chance to spread awareness. During the month of October, we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make people aware of our abilities and accomplishments. It’s not about celebrating disabilities, it’s about celebrating abilities. We can learn all about our history. We have a right to speak out about what it’s like to have Down syndrome and to learn the real story of people like us."

-NDSS Goodwill Ambassador, Chris Burke

Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition that occurs when an error in cell division results in an extra chromosome 21. Down syndrome can affect a person’s cognitive ability and physical growth, cause mild to moderate developmental issues, and present a higher risk of some health problems. Learn more about DMD and find ways to help spread awareness HERE and in the videos below.


Down syndrome (trisomy 21) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, & pathology

By Osmosis
What is Down syndrome (trisomy 21)? Down syndrome is a set of symptoms that arise from a genetic abnormality, in which an individual's cells have an extra copy of chromosome 21.


Growing up with Down Syndrome

By Attitude

We've been filming with the Bezencon family since before Dylan was born, when tests confirmed he'd be born with Down Syndrome. Now he's three and about to embark on his first day of pre-school.

Life With Down Syndrome

By AJ+

People with Down syndrome and their parents talk with us about their lives.